Company Visits

A month ago, I visited the office of Lancers Japan- the biggest crowd sourcing company in the country with Mr. Suzuki and had an hour with the CEO.

So just recently! I had the chance to visit Mercari with Mr. Watanabe. (In his paparazzi mode on)

Mercari, the resale shopping app, is the Japan’s biggest community-powered shopping fair in the palm of your hands. The intuitive app lets you buy and sell anything, from anywhere, in seconds from your phone: fashion, electronics, jewelry, console games, new, pre-owned and hand-made items, Mercari delivers. Listing your item is as simple as uploading a photo and adding a few details, with built-in features that help you easily print out shipping labels and quickly drop packages in the mail. -quoted from their official Website

And in 2014, they launched their services in the US. With their US HeadQuarters located in San Francisco, California.

Their Tokyo Headquarters is currently located on the 18th floor of…Ropponggi Hills. It’s also where big companies like Google, Goldman Sacchs and Ferrari are located. If your office is in Ropponggi Hills, it’s understandable that it’s a very big and successful company. I know some friends living ‘round there too and believe me, you wouldn’t want to know how much they pay for their rent.


Their office was so cool! And I thought that the people working there were too. I’m pretty sure most of you have used this company’s service as well.

I’m looking forward to visiting some other offices. These kinds of experiences are just some of what makes my job exciting.

How about you? Tell me what’s exciting about what you do!

Til my next post,

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