It’s more fun to study another language

Fun is a noun which means enjoyment but nowadays some people use it as an adjective. As an adjective, people are confused whether it is funner or more fun for its comparative form. More fun is more common and widely accepted.

It’s been 4 months since I arrived in Fukuoka. I should feel homesick like missing the family at home in the Philippines. Some people portray the difficult life of Overseas Filipino Workers living abroad as bad as hell with stress, loneliness, discrimination and frustrations. It scares me sometimes, but generally, Fukuoka is heaven for me.

I live in a shared house. At first, I had this uncomfortable feeling living in a house with complete strangers. But things have changed as time passes by. And now I want to share with you why living in a share house is more fun that I imagined.

For one thing, the share house is full of diversity. For example, there are about 10 different nationalities living in the share house at the time of writing. These include Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Italians, British, Koreans, Germans, Americans, Japanese and Filipinos. Few months ago, there were French, Canadians and Australians. Basically, the share house is like a small world with rooms as countries and our countries are only divided by walls. Each has different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Yet, we live together harmoniously. Not a single instance that results to conflicts among the residents as far as my memory is concerned. Instead, everyone enjoys sharing his/her views, interests and cultures. Each one presents himself well. Interestingly, each one puts his/her color in the right place so the result is a stunning picture of diversity.

sharehouse The beauty of diversity

The other thing is the essence of sharing. The house has a simple basic rule; any object that is in the common area is shared. So, we share the kitchen utensils, TV, tables and so on. We also share food. You can imagine international foods gathered in one table. But what is more interesting is that everyone shares his/her knowledge, skills and talents as well. Language sharing is by far the most popular. And the most commonly shared language is English. Next is Japanese. Some people are interested in Filipino. Indeed, it is fun to learn other languages. It seems to me that Indian is the most difficult to learn. Until now, I still don’t know how to say “thank you” in Indian. Also, there are people who are very good at cooking. They especially share their skill once a month during our monthly party with their country’s food as the theme. By the way, I learned how to make fried rice from Hikaruchan. Thanks to him my cooking skill has improved.


In the nutshell, for four months I have been having fun. It’s more fun and interesting living in a share house. Although, there are no parents in the house but brothers and sisters who are very nice, generous and responsible. The world that we know is full of conflict but my small world is full of fun. It’s more fun learning new languages in the share house. Take a look at these guys and girls singing in Filipino.

この記事を書いた人 Arn

Arnulfo Sasa. Hi. I’m Arn, from “Fun” Philippines to “Cool” Japan. I’m currently living in the city of best restaurants “FUKUOKA.” You are invited to come to my world. I’m your guide, friend, and coach. “You learn from me, I learn from you.”