“I am not my hair”

Hair is considered as a crowning glory especially for women. But does it define beauty? Does a change of hairstyle really matter?

I have to admit. I haven’t had much varied hairstyles in the past. But last January, I got full bangs for the first time. I had been very pessimistic about having bangs, for I thought it wouldn’t really suit my rounded face. I’d look really ugly. I visualized.

However, my friends were very persistent about letting me try having bangs, so I gave in. The next thing I knew, I was already looking at the mirror trying to convince myself that the bangs suit me. However, I failed. I regretted it. Then, I felt less confident. I became too conscious with my look and had clipped my bangs for a couple of weeks.

I was caught up with the idea that people might not like my new look. That it would change their perception of me. That I would look less credible in front of my students. All these and that. My negative thoughts were impregnable.

It’s obvious. I was then afraid of change when it comes to my appearance. I have settled for what I’m used to and had read too much into how people see me.

But one day, as I was standing by the mirror again, another realization struck me. I asked myself these questions: What’s wrong with having bangs? Isn’t this one of the changes that you wanted? Why are you so affected with something that doesn’t really define who you are and your beauty within?

After internal searching, I figured out a simple answer. “I am not my hair.” It’s just a part of me, but only a small part.

In fact,I went to a salon near our place and had a short haircut and dyed it with Sakura pink.I opted to have a little bit more of change without thinking too much on the outcome. Well, I might receive compliments or criticisms, but the thing is I’m loving my hair now. It’s just all about the attitude towards it.

17392240_1570209853008555_139157460_n “LUMIE” Salon in Komazawa Daigaku Station

The staff and the hair stylists were very nice. They tried to talk to me despite our language barrier. I used google translate in order to keep up a conversation with them and taught them some useful English phrases as well.

As what LoPriore said, “Be confident with your hair. The truth is, it’s going to grow out eventually. This isn’t permanent. So just try to rock it. It’s only hair.”

I ought to agree .


Curl it, straight it, cut it, or dye it. You go girl! At the end of the day, confidence is the best hairstyle.

Signing off…

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