Discovering Ueno

“Sitting quietly, doing
nothing, Spring comes, and
the grass grows, by itself.”

– Matsuo Basho


Back in my university days, I’ve learned that when you write a haiku, it must contain a ‘kigo’ (季語) to indicate what season of the year the haiku is set. I have read some haiku written in spring and it totally gave me an impression of how beautiful it is to experience springtime. And at last, the most beautiful season in Japan is here!

Since this is my first spring experience, I want to make it extra special. Thus, I have decided to visit one of the most admired parks for hanami! That is, Ueno Park!



I went there on a Sunday, so as expected, it was totally jam-packed. But it was all worth it because the sakura trees were in full bloom. Not to mention, we can also have a picnic, drink beer, play Othello, and be with your loved ones! The park was definitely filled with positive vibes.


The park in Ueno is not the only popular attraction in the area. There is also a zoo located inside the park. It’s a top-notch destination for tourists.


During my visit, there were a lot of families having their ‘hanami’ inside the zoo. It was such a beautiful sight seeing people having a great time with their family, children, and friends.

Upon entering the place, we would directly see the panda viewing area. It was my first time to see pandas! So, I was so thrilled to meet them.




There are two pandas in Ueno zoo. Ri Ri, the male and Shin Shin, the female. The viewers, including me, couldn’t resist their cuteness!

I have learned that Ueno zoo is considered to be the oldest zoo in Japan. It was founded in 1882 and is home to over 3,000 animals from 400 different species. It also provides great learning experiences about diversity. There were English signs everywhere making it easy for foreign people to know which way to go and what animals to see.

16 ueno zoo polar bear

IMG_0451 Polar bear!

IMG_0465 If I could only take one of these penguins home …

IMG_0472 Gorgeous flamingos!

Having experienced hanami, seeing cherry blossoms for the first time, and getting an eyeful of cute animals were indeed fulfilling. There were so many things left undiscovered in Ueno. I wish to be back here again!

In relation to this blog post, I would like to invite you, dear readers, to visit not only Ueno Park and Zoo but also our Start-Up English Ueno branch! It will be opened in April 15, 2017. Free trial lessons are offered!


For more information about Start-Up English Ueno, copy the link below and check it out:

Til my next blog post!


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