How can I resist?

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” -Anna Thomas
Because my very “close friends” quoted the words above, I have the permission to finally post a blog meant for gastronomic enthusiasts. The goal for this is to extend my agony of resisting these food, and happily failed.

To start with, Japanese food!

We all know that Japanese season their food mildly. This is a contrast to the Philippines. One good example is their ramen or noodles.


One can say it is perfectly seasoned, but for a Filipino, it you just needs to be a little spicier, saltier, and oilier. So I suggest, Ichiran! Hands down to this heavenly food which saved me from all my Filipino food cravings.


Of course, this food blog will never be complete without Japan’s best, sushi! I will be honest with you. I am not really a big fan of sushi though I can eat some of its kinds. One recommendation I can present is the “moving sushi” in Shibuya.


The next feast is for the health-conscious people out there. This is a bowl of vegetable salad partnered with spicy chicken on a stick.


You see, I love veggies but I don’t always eat it. I know, I am trying to change my unhealthy ways. And to all of you who are also “trying” to change healthily and as cheap as possible, try this food! Just go to the nearest 7/11 store and eat this fresh bowl of healthy treat.

Yet again, you can’t just buy your meal everyday. You have to save money, too. One way is to cook. To those who know me, they can attest that I have the same cooking skills as a child.

But after staying in Japan and in a share house, I was challenged. I have to show off my skills too. Sadly, I am still trying to improve my kitchen skills. Thus, let me present to you my very own home-cooked meals.

Just a reminder though, don’t expect too much. I’m still a newbie. These meals don’t even have names! You can name one if you like.

Let’s start with my proudest creation, the bento I made.

Ingredients are pork strips marinated overnight in soy sauce, pepper, garlic and salt. I mean, for those interested to try.

Next is for my snack. A healthy all-vegetable toasted (very toasted) bread. The protein is chicken. I just can’t live without karage!


As a Filipino, we always eat with the whole family. So for my breakfast, it’s food mixed with love shared with all people close to me.


Nothing beats eating with people close to you. No matter how extravagant or simple the food is, when it is shared, you will always end up with a full tummy.


In a nutshell, people have been asking me why my cheeks got chubbier. They ask me why I got “healthier.” I hope nobody’s going to ask me again though. Because with all these delectable and scrumptious food, how do you think can I resist?

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Chloe Alberto
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