From Hakata Dontaku Festival to New Friends and New Adventure


When you are in a room full of unfamiliar faces, how do you connect? or should I say, do you find it easy to strike a conversation and introduce yourself? Well, not for me. Late this April, there has been a lot of newcomer in the share house. A bunch of whole new faces I encounter almost every day. In most cases when I go to the common area, I see groups of multicultural people comfortably enjoying a talk and sharing an alcohol drink. And there I was, wondering how come it seems like they know each other very well in a short time. I must have missed the -hi hello- stage. Thus, it was a tough job for me to even initiate a conversation. Anyhow, this gets me into thinking that despite the fact of meeting and making lots of friends in the past six months, it doesn’t give me the assurance of a Ms. Congeniality award in a crowd full of diverse people.

In this blog, I will not plainly talk about what is Dontaku but how this festival made a way for a good start of a friendship and long lasting memories.

For those who don’t know what Hakata Dontaku festival is, it is held each year in May and it fills Fukuoka with excitement and attracts more than two million people, making it the highest attended festival in Japan during Golden Week. Do you know what attracts this huge number of people? You will know as you keep on reading.

So, the Golden Week has finally come, my co-worker Arn and I were planning on going to this Dontaku festival, but I thought it would be best if we go there with the other housemates. So, I decided to have my courage with me and finally strike a conversation asking their plans to the festival. Luckily, a plan was made beforehand and we decided to join.

To tell you what lure to the two million people to attend this yearly event, here are some of the photos taken during the festival:





Not my Photo courtesy to Google

Not my photo courtesy to Google

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As a whole, Dontaku festival was full of fun. I was able to witness a different side of Japanese culture. The vibrant custom and the parade has told me so much about its history. In like manner, I saw how disciplined Japanese people really are in this busy event. I could compare it to the biggest festival in the Philippines named SINULOG festival that traumatized me due to a stampede incident.

After all, DonTaku festival is not simply a celebration of the holiday, for me, it’s a celebration of a new friendship and a new adventure.

Before I bring this to an end, let me share a lesson to be learned.

Never choose to be a hermit, never limit your horizons and never flinch even in the most unenviable situation instead, seek the courage and find an opportunity to connect. Otherwise, you will miss the chance of meeting different souls that could lead you to diversity.

How about you? Do you have a story to tell in connecting with different people? Share that with us and book a class.

Til my next post


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