A Long Overdue Thank You

Disclaimer: There are no visually stunning photos of Japan in this entry.

Hello! I’ve decided to dedicate this blog and its succeeding contents to the obliviously beautiful and talented Creatives whose religion or niche is to bring out the best in others. Henceforth, this will be a blog flooded with well-curated (OC alert) posts of my favorite words and notes of gratitude. As you know, words shape one’s world. I’d like to keep mine profound and pragmatic. Here’s to praying I may not post anything superficial.
So here’s my first Word for the Day:
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I thought long and hard about sharing this message but in the end, I figured, it might do some people good.

To my magnanimous bosses,

Actually, I guess I must apologize for writing this just now. It’s been many moons. To be fair however, I had every intention of writing a Facebook status eons ago.
When Malta shut its door (and shattered my dreams), in a heartbeat, you opened an entire universe for me. That said, I shall forever remain indebted to you for your kindness. It was you who kept the dreamer in me alive; you made me dream again. Albeit I’ve had a sunny state of mind since then, not a single day do I feel not unworthy. For I am cognizant of the pain (if not disappointment) I have caused you when I decided to leave the company during its embryonic stage. You could have said it on my face –how awful a decision maker I was. But you didn’t. ‘What did I exactly do right to deserve this?’ reverberates in my head.

I can talk endlessly on how individually amazing all of you are. But I’d like to digress as I’m afraid words can not fully explain your impact in my life.

Thank you for instilling in all of us that no matter how little we may be, we can always make a big difference.

Thank you for inculcating in my system the importance of optimism.

Thank you for not giving up on me
(and my interpersonal skills haha)
I am painfully limited so I can only be passionate over so little things-like learning, learning, and learning. If only I was born to have the same amount of passion for networking on an emotional level then I’d probably be more human and less of a robot. I’m still working on it.

Thank you for providing us the perfect platform to thrive professionally.
It’s only as of late that I’ve learned to embrace being a teacher. And I am miles glad that you’ve built an institution where like-minded individuals can interact.

There are a lot of external factors I can attribute this fulfillment I have. But I do believe the good support system composed of both the Filipino and Japanese management has contributed to this a lot. I am truly empowered to have a job that somehow loves me back.

Your thankful trouper,

Kathleen Mae

Some photos to commemorate my MBA Cebu journey

mba 4
mba 2
mba 3
mba 5

More than just seeking and waiting for experiences to come to me, I am mentally and physically preparing myself for the additional responsibilities that I’ll be taking under my wing here in Japan. Indeed, I have a lifetime ahead of me.

On another note, people at work seem to be in tune with my gratitude challenge. I’ll write in-depth about them soon but for now, watch this video bursting with thank yous.

And you? How’s your grateful heart?

Catch you next time!

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