Sssh! – A pot of gold is hidden in Izu!

“What’s your plan for the golden week?” I kept asking this question to most of my students prior to the said week. Some had concrete plans, others didn’t. As expected, they reciprocated the same question. And my answer was always, “Well, having no plan is the best plan!”

I’m a quite random person- fickle minded to some extent. This explains why I don’t normally plan things beforehand because either way there’s still a high chance that I’d change my mind. The factors vary from time to time. My closest friends know this fact about me. So, yeah guess they have accepted or hated me for this 😀
(Disclaimer: This is only true on casual situations)

I digress. My friend and I ended up having a two-day-backpacking trip in Izu, Shizuoka. We figured everything out when we got there already. Thanks to google map we found our way to the places we wanted to go. However, be wary! I can now attest that too much of something isn’t really good. Pretty sure you know what I mean. Yeah, we got lost because of relying too much on this piece of technology too!In social media, it’s #lessonlearned. 😀

But beyond that, I’ve grasped a greater lesson.Instead of whining, why not enjoy?. Get lost and have fun! That’s where you can actually discover an unimaginable adventure. It’s rewarding when you find your way out on something you have no idea with. Feels like it leaves your soul a euphoric stamp afterwards. This unexpected twist of your itinerary makes your trip more than just an ordinary one. That’s for sure! Well, atleast for us.

Sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, we needed a temporary escape. We got ourselves immersed in nature and other things which we can never experience in Tokyo. In two days, we were able to go to five places. Worth it, isn’t it?
We stayed a night in an awesome hostel. The room rate didn’t set us back for it was only ¥7,000 (twin bedroom). The inclusions will even surprise you. We had free breakfast, enjoyed a private sento and had a free ride back and forth to the restaurant for our dinner. On our way back, we dropped by a convenient store for some necessities. What more can you ask for? Really! The host was incredibly nice! I highly recommend Opa Resort Hostel located near Jogasaki-Kaigan station where Jogasaki Coast and its suspension bridge nestles.

Anyway, time for you to see the places we’ve been to.

18579231_1644684692227737_1165828421_n Jogasaki Coast – Scenic coastline with a suspension bridge

18578497_1644663772229829_706248498_n Izu Shiki no Hana Park

18579447_1644664192229787_946799143_n Mount Omuro – Nicely formed, grass covered, extinct volcano

18518603_1644664785563061_2139682087_n Kawazu Seven Waterfalls

18600750_1644666335562906_861865764_n Atami Sun Beach

These are the treasures I found in Izu.

If you don’t want to get caught up with the crowded touristy places, then Izu Peninsula is the place for you. I’m itching to discover more enchanting places in Japan. Hope I’ll bump into you somewhere then.

Signing off..

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